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Beautiful, Booming Byron

Byron Bay’s Chamber of Commerce (BBCC) is widely recognised for its deeply etched desire to not only support, but also incubate the diverse range of unique businesses that call the Byron shire home.

Our whole reason for being at the Byron Chamber of Commerce is to see local business people, just like you, thriving within our local economy.

Our unique home town is hot right now and we are passionate to see that business opportunities and resulting economic benefits to our local community go hand in hand, to the benefit of all.

And of course, first and foremost, everything we do must be sustainable and protect what is priceless about our home, our community, our culture.

So let’s make the most of this pivotal moment in Byron’s history and help to shape a future for Byron of which we can all be proud.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you and hearing all about your business, so contact us today…

6 Reasons why you need to join the Byron Chamber:


Network Effect

Connect with other local businesses in the Byron Shire and exchange opportunities.


Be Heard

Share your most pressing every day business concerns and learn what is being done about these and other issues.


War Stories

Mentor and be mentored, or just share your daily business challenges with those who can truly empathise – your fellow business community members.


Lay of the Land

Flesh out your picture of what is going on around you in the local business community.


Direct Action

Join with other members who share your concerns and needs and petition Chamber to represent these to the wider community and to Council.


Friends, with Benefits

As a member, you are also eligible for discounts and invites to exclusive member-only events and other perks.


You are an important member of our business community.

Join the peak business body for Byron Bay and be included in all that is happening in our thriving town...


First year in business?
Have 50% off, on us.
$ 55
  • Just you


Just you carrying the load?
We feel for you..
$ 110
  • 1-2 Employees


Shooting for the big time?
Yay you.
$ 220
  • 3-5 Employees


Larger company? We have your back
$ 330
  • 6+ Employees

Meet the Board:

Todd Sotheren

Todd Sotheren

President/Innovation In The New Economy

Sarah Knight

Executive Officer/Business Development & Membership

Ben Funnell

Ben Funnell

Board Treasurer/Public Officer

Adam Collett

Adam Collett

Board Member/Youth & Community Engagement


Mark Ryan

Board Member/Advocacy

Emma Thomson

Board Member/Events

Kate Hardman

Kate Hardman

Board Member/Events

Alice Moffet

Alice Moffet

Vice President/Marketing


Louisa Ryan

Board Member/Governance

Eddie Brook

Board Member/Advocacy

Chamber Member: Beach, Byron Bay

Downloadable Resources:

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Classic Business Podcasts:

Startup School

Seth Godin.

How to Start


How I Built This

Guy Raz.


The Third Industrial Revolution

An amazingly concise theory, capturing the key components of the New Economy.

The ATO wants to help you!

If you've started a new business, we know you have a lot to think about.

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